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Oded Wagenstein, documentary photographer, author, and lecturer.

Born in 1986  and graduated both in sociology and anthropology at the Faculty of Social Science and in Film and TV at the Faculty of Art, both from Tel Aviv University.

His work has been published in numerous international platforms, both in print and digital, such as the BBC and the National Geographic. He has published three booksHe is also a regular contributing photographer and author to the Hebrew editions of National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines.

In recent yearsת he has begun to focus his work on the subject of aging. Trying to confront his many fears about the subject. He has been working recently with JDC-ESHEL, part of a global NGO advocating for the elderly.

Oded believes in sharing and ever expanding knowledge. He attends professional masterclasses and gives ones. He is a full-time instructor at the largest photography school in the Middle East (Galitz School of Photography). As a photography instructor, he teaches both Jews and Muslims to use their cameras as a bridge between them and as a personal platform to share their stories, hopes, and fears.

לקריאה בעברית

Photo by Yarin Klein



 @ Israel’s Photography convention 2015, with a crowd of 2500 participants


“Spiced with a sense of humor and real life examples, Oded’s lecture is enriching and interesting. It is noticeable that he speaks about a subject he’s truly passionate about”

Adi.W, Editor of  National Geographic Online (Israeli Edition)






2016 – BBC (UK): The New Revolution of Cuba’s Youth – How is the Internet is Changing Cuba. Photo essay.
2016 – National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Israel): Alpha Beta; the Hidden Culture of Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel. Contributing photographer.
2016 – Craft and Vision Publishing (Canada): Stories and Faces. Book.
2015 – National Geographic (US Proof): Looking into the Eyes of Cuba’s Elderly, On the Verge of Change (later became “The void we leave” project). Photo essay.
2015 – National Geographic (Italy): Looking into the Eyes of Cuba’s Elderly, On the Verge of Change (later became “The void we leave” project). Photo essay.
2015 – National Geographic Magazine (Israel): New Starts; Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. Contributing photographer.
2015 – National Geographic Magazine (Israel): New Starts; First Organic Kibbutz. Contributing photographer.
2015 – DPS Publishing (Australia): Snapn Travel. Book.
2014 – National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Israel): To the Rhythm of Bachata. Contributing Photographer and Author.
2014 – National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Israel): Tajikistan’s Mountain People. Contributing Photographer and Author.
2014 – Haaretz Newspaper (Israel): Oded Wagenstein’s Faces. Photo essay.
2013 – Craft and Vision Publishing (Canada): The Visual Storyteller. Book.
2012 – National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Israel): Nomads and Eagle Hunters; Kyrgyzstan. Contributing Photographer and Author.
2012 – National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Israel): Migrating with the Rabari; India. Contributing Photographer and Author.
2011 – National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Israel): On the Road from China to Pakistan. Contributing Photographer and Author.

Public Speaking:

2017 – Salekhard’s Culture Center (Russia): Creating a story with a portrait.
2016 – Erlich Center of Photography (Israel): One on One with Oded Wagenstein.
2015 – Israel’s Photography Convention (an audience of 2500 participants): Building bridges instead of barriers. Lecturer.
2014 – University of Art & Design BTK (Germany): Visual Storytelling. Lecturer.
2013 – Google Campus (Israel): Visual Storytelling. Lecturer.


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Photo by Israel Wagenstein

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