“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin



13147737_10153421607535388_8403807635199341688_oNew release! If you’ve ever wondered how to translate “it was written all over his face” to your photographs, Stories and Faces teaches you how your camera becomes both pen and paper when creating portraits that best tell human stories. The key is learning to recognize a good storytelling portrait, and then making a compelling photograph.  Read more.

Snapn Travel is your fast-track to bring the emotion of your trip home with you, not just a memory card. Bursting with tips, tricks and techniques this guide will ensure the snaps you take on the road will stay with you for a lifetime! Read more.



The Visual Storyteller – Some of the most powerful photographs tell – or imply – a story. Of course, not all of them do, but the ones that do seem to engage us in ways others don’t. Capturing a sense of story in our photographs isn’t easy, but it’s a good way to make our photographs stronger. Read more.

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  • On the Visual Storyteller ebook“Storytelling is a rich subject and Oded’s eBook is a great primer for anyone wanting to either wrap their brains around this topic, or to begin selling their work to editorial markets, which is where Oded makes his bread and butter.”
    Scott Wyden on the Visual Storyteller
  • Highly recommend this ebook – I think it is nicely done and well worth the purchase price. Let’s face it, a guy that goes on assignment for National Geographic Travel must have some good ideas about travel photography!  
    Larry.H - on SnapnTravel: A Lifetime of Travel Memories in a Snap
  • on the visual storyteller ebookSometimes a short book is all it takes to hammer a point home, and this book does it well. Not all photos have to be a story, but this ebook certainly makes it easier to start creating stories in your photos
    The lightroom blog - on the visual storyteller
  • On the visual storyteller ebookWagenstein has built his career on telling powerful stories through photography. In The Visual Storyteller, he offers valuable insights and practical exercises for finding and refining your voice, identifying strong subjects and using rapport to build relationships and trust.
    faded&blurred - On the visual storyteller